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Turn unutilised roof space into assets that are procuring sustainable solar electricity whilst reducing overhead costs.

There are many advantages to installing solar PV in your business or organisation. Take advantage of lower energy bills and improve your business' green credentials. See case studies.


The government’s feed-in tariff pays your company to generate your own electricity. Your business receive a tax-free income through this scheme for up to twenty years. See Finance.


Save money, save the environment. Enviko are the experts in commercial solar installations for any large scale business


Installing a solar PV system in your business can not only earn you money but also demonstrate your green credentials, an important consideration in today’s climate.


Our commercial solar energy systems have a long life and are guaranteed to make you savings. See our LED technology and how it is evolving. We are accredited installers with Panasonic and Sunpower. We are also a MCC certified company.


A free, fully maintained solar PV system which allows your business to purchase the generated electricity up to 50% cheaper than your current energy supplier, interested?


We work closely with trusted suppliers worldwide to provide the very best components to be more cost effective to our clients.



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Hundreds of businesses Trust Enviko to deliver the very latest in panels & mounting system, should you?

With the confidence gained from our vaste experience in supplying businesses with the latest in panels & mounting systems, we offer our clients, solutions that are financial attractive generating high returns. Please download any of our brochures.

In 2017 a number of schools, contractors, businesses and farmers trusted Enviko to delivery commercially driven solar PV system at the right price. See current projects.

At Enviko we are experienced specialists in solar photovoltaics (PV). We are committed to delivering innovative solar solutions for a number of different types of business developments as a part of our range of economically viable and profitable renewable energy technologies.

Solar PV is a fantastic way of contributing to the electrical needs of a business whilst at the same time insulating against the rising price of traditional energy costs. By installing solar panels our engineers are able to allow you to harness solar radiation or sunlight and convert it into a direct current or electricity. See current solar projects.


Enviko work within the agricultural sectors  a number of farmers and landowners

Enviko work within the commercial  sector 

Scalability & quick deployment of solar panels ensures profitable returns in as little as 14 days with no disruption to normal business activities. Achieve savings of up to 60% on daytime electricity costs.

Commercial Design & installation

We specialise in the design and installation of commercial scale Solar PV for the agricultural, industrial and other commercial and public sectors, specifically from 10kW upwards to 2MW.

We work with a number of different clients ranging from developers, investors to farmers and private landlords offering full turnkey services to make sure our clients achieve maximum satisfaction out of their systems installed. Have a look at our testimonials.

Solar PV Case Studies

Commercial Solar energy solutions

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