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Church Farm, Wiltshire

Church Farm Solar PV Installation
Technology Solar PV
System Size 50 kW
Annual generation 42,920 kWh
Annual Carbon Reductions 22.7 tonnes
Modules CSUN 240-260M
Inverter SMA Tripower
Yearly Income & Savings £10,099









This solar pv system was installed at an arable farm in Wiltshire. The customer was seeking a solution that would significantly reduce their annual energy bill and insuring themselves against future price rises. Having heard of the ways in which people were benefiting from the government feed-in-tariff, the customer was keen to establish if having a solar system was the ideal solution for him.

Following an initial conversation over the phone, an Enviko advisor visited the farm to offer advice on the various renewable options available to him. One particular option discussed was to install a biomass boiler to burn waste products such as wood or wood-chip to create heat for grain drying. However, they had recently purchased a new grain dryer and was not something they wished to replace, despite the heavy oil usage. The land was unsuitable for a wind turbine.

A solar array was the ideal solution as they had a large, unused roof space facing SSW. However, there were some additional costs to install on this particular roof as it was found to be made of asbestos and required extra health & safety precautions. The customer was not keen on a ground mounted system so this was still the most viable option.

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The financial logic becomes obvious when you consider that returns on these systems can be as high as 15% and the obvious fact that traditional energy prices have risen far faster than inflation

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