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Solar PV Design and Installation

Enviko designs and installs solar PV systems and we specialise in the design and installation of commercial scale Solar PV for the agricultural, industrial and other commercial and public sectors, specifically from 10kW upwards to 2MW. We work with a number of different clients ranging from developers, investors to farmers and private landlords offering full turnkey services to make sure our clients achieve maximum satisfaction out of their systems installed.

Our in house team of mechanical and electrical engineers are highly qualified and skilled in all aspects of solar installations, panels, mounting systems, inverters , G59 panels and integration of the systems into any existing installations. All installations are managed by a dedicated Solar PV project manager who oversees the PV system from design through to grid sign off.

Whatever the final design criteria one of our designers will be capable of determining the energy yield, specific yield and performance ratio of the grid connect PV system. We will also determine the inverter size based on the size of the array and match the array configuration to the selected inverter maximum voltage and voltage operating windows.

Prior to designing any Grid Connected PV system a designer shall either visit the site or arrange for a work colleague to visit the site and undertake/determine/obtain site information relating to energy usage requirement for the client, building or land. We will also determine other solar factors that can influence the system performance including the suitability of the roof or ground chosen, orientation and tilt angle of the roof if the solar array is to be roof mounted, or the incline of ground if ground mounted. Once the available area for the solar array has been identified we will then look into whether any shading will occur and estimate its effect on the system,

We will also look into more details as to how the modules will be mounted on the roof, where the inverter will be located, determine the cabling route and therefore estimate the lengths of the cable. We also look into whether monitoring panels or screens are required and determine a suitable location with the owner.

The selection of the inverter for the installation will depend on the energy output of the array, the matching of the allowable inverter string configurations with the size of the array in kW and the size of the individual modules within that array, whether the system will have one central inverter or multiple (smaller) inverters. We use a good range of quality manufacturers such as SMA, ABB, Fronius and Solaredge optimising systems.

All systems we install and design are managed by our experienced in house team of staff, we are members of the Safe Contractor Scheme and NAPIT approved. We also adhere to the UK Health and Safety Requirements, BS 7671,  G59/G83 Engineering Recommendations and industry approved  MCS Installer standards  MIS 3002.

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For more information on solar pv or any other Enviko services or products please call Enviko on (England & Wales) +44 (0)20 8611 2741 or by email.

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As part of the UK’s government Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) we are accredited installers have an impressive portfolio of solar PV systems throughout the UK, helping each of our clients reduce their carbon footprint whilst also tackling the problems of rising energy costs.


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